Using Exhibition Walling as an Inexpensive Medium for University Events

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If you have an upcoming university project which will require an attractive and accessible medium for the presentation of detailed information, then the usage of exhibition walling may indeed be the most suitable way forward.

An exhibition wall is a relatively affordable yet highly durable display medium which is suitable for the exhibition of all manner of university-related work, from sensitive social-related presentations, to the hanging of paintings and other art, to hosting highly technical or scientific information.

Why Choose Exhibition Walling?

Let us look at a hypothetical final art practical exhibition for a Master’s level Fine Art degree as an example. You will want your work to stand out among all of the other fantastic creations, and by hanging your work on something with as much presence as exhibition walling, you could really bring the attention of attendees quite strongly to your final pieces.

Exhibition wall panels are a very easily setup display medium, which come in many different shapes and sizes, providing a high level of customisation and personalisation. Your art projects may indeed require a specialised level of accessibility to be able to be properly set up, which is why exhibition walling is perfect for the more complex installations.

You can easily extend exhibition wall panels as far as you need, as each panel interlocks easily, allowing you to simply create the right level of reach needed to adequately facilitate all of your work needing to be displayed.

You are really only limited by how much work you need to display. This is the perfect solution for any level of work needing displaying, whether there is only a small amount, or a lot to be considered.

Things to Consider when Purchasing Exhibition Walls

Flame Retardant Level: Believe it or not, there are indeed various legal stipulations which exhibition walling must adhere to. There are various accidents which can occur if exhibition walling is not in adherence with such regulations, one of the most serious ones being a fire.

In the event of a fire, exhibition walls can very easily be ignited if they are made from a cheap substance, further promoting the danger of an uncontrolled fire. For this reason, it is essential that you choose exhibition walls made from only the most highly-rated flame retardant substances such as MDF.

Height Requirements: There are also height stipulations which must be kept in adherence to in order to avoid obstruction and interference with standard safety practices. As amazing as your display may be, it should never halter the smooth exit of a crowd in the event of an emergency.

A Service that you can Trust

In order for you to make the most out of your exhibition efforts, you need to ensure that you rely on only the most advanced and sophisticated services which are entirely geared around providing the highest quality of regulation-friendly exhibition walls.

Make the right choices, and make sure that your special evening is the greatest success possible.

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