Experts: Wichita school should have reported Lucas’ injuries

Jul 30, 2018 by

For 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez, school was supposed to be a safety net.

Less than a month before his killing, Lucas showed up at Wichita’s Beech Elementary School with bruises across his face.

The school apparently did not follow a state law designed to protect children from abuse, according to experts interviewed by The Eagle.

With that omission, the school possibly missed the last chance to save Lucas’ life.

Was law followed?

The state’s mandatory reporting law requires school employees and health care workers to report when they suspect abuse so that the state or police can investigate.

The Eagle asked experts to weigh in after the Wichita school district said Lucas’ school followed the law.

The school did not report Lucas’ injuries to the state child protection agency or Wichita police, based on interviews and checks of state, county and police records.

Initially the district refused to say whether the injuries were reported.

On Wednesday, school district spokeswoman Wendy Johnson said the injuries weren’t reported because school staff did not suspect child abuse. Under the law, suspicion triggers reporting.

Source: Experts: Wichita school should have reported Lucas’ injuries | The Wichita Eagle

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