Extreme College Majors You Never Knew Existed

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Who said school had to be boring? Many students go the traditional route of studying things like education, business, or nursing. And while these are extremely rewarding and admirable career paths, they’re not suited for everyone. For those looking to live on the wildside, break from convention, or simply think outside the box, check out some of these insanely innovative, interesting, and extreme college majors you never thought existed.


Who doesn’t love robots? Kids and adults both find robots super cool and fascinating. And in the growing world of AI (artificial intelligence), this major has never been more popular and useful. The best thing about robotics is that the need for robotic engineers extends across a variety of careers from the health and medical industry to oceanography and other sciences. Robots have been used for users to increase productivity and efficiency and perform tasks that humans simply can’t. While some people have lost their jobs to robots or machines, robotic engineering puts humans back in the driver’s seat.

Cyber Security

If you’re not on the internet, you’re out of the touch with reality. The world now operates online. Millions of people have said good-bye to paper statements and receipts and use online banking religiously. Our computers and Google accounts automatically save our passwords and billing information. While this can be extremely convenient, it’s also a little scary. Introducing the importance of cyber security. A cyber security degree equips you with the knowledge and skills to protect important and confidential data, networks, and operating systems from attacks. This is the perfect position for a techy student who loves computers and problem solving. You can even obtain this degree online at Cyber Degree Hub.

Adventure/Wilderness Therapy

Think Freud meets Crocodile Dundee. If you enjoy the wilderness, survival, and all things related to nature but are also fascinated by what makes the human mind tick, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect major. Some people actually pay to be dropped in the middle of nowhere to rely solely on their skills and wherewithal to find their way out. There’s something about being one with nature that helps people connect with their inner thoughts and emotions, helping them heal. This is the concept behind this degree. You’ll help people face challenging situation and scenarios to promote self-love, wellness, and establish better, healthier relationships.

Medicinal Plant Chemistry

Aren’t you supposed to encourage students not to try marijuana in college? Now there’s a degree dedicated to the medicinal use of cannabis. Medicinal plant chemistry is a brand program at Northern Michigan University. The 4 year undergraduate program helps prepare students for success in all industries related to the medicinal use of cannabis. This includes production, distribution, and analysis. And it’s really no surprise considering marijuana is now legal in several states and the health benefits offered by CBD and THC are constantly evolving. Prospective students should remember that the major is about getting a higher education, not getting high.

Sexuality Studies

From smoking weed to having sex, bachelor degree programs look very different today than they did just 10 years ago. Sexuality studies may be as hard to find as medicinal plant chemistry, as it’s only offered at Ohio State University as a major. But don’t fret, other universities offer sexuality studies as minors or as a concentration under a different major. You’ll learn about the history, education, psychological contexts, culture, and biology of human sexuality. If one thing’s for sure, students won’t get bored as they make their way through this coursework.

Don’t limit yourself when choosing a college major. Universities and colleges are getting creative and expanding their horizons to create interesting and exciting majors that attract the youth of America. Who knows what the future holds.

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