Facebook and Its Evil Practices

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“Facebook and Its Evil Practices”

By Donna Garner


Facebook completely disabled my site on 10.30.20. I went through the appeal process and received a notice that my case cannot be repealed. I have been banned several times for a few days; but my account has never been completely disabled! That means I have lost all of my years of content and the thousands of “friends” who had signed up on my Facebook page.

We must pray that when our new Republican Congress gets seated that one of their first bills will be to lift the litigation and monopoly protections from Big Techie.

Facebook’s disabling my account truly does “cancel” me with multi-thousands of people who, through the years, have been reading the articles I have posted. This hurts The Federalist, Breitbart, World Net Daily, Daily Caller, Fox News, New York Post, Mass Resistance, Epoch Times, and so many individual authors who work hard to get the truth out to the public. What I have learned is that there are many people who get all of their news from Facebook and other social media!  If we are not out there to give them the truth, then they will be further deceived.

God has gifted me with a very average IQ, and I understand the average person because I am one. What I do is to read an article, pull out excerpts for quick reading by the public, summarize the main points, and send it to my dear friend at EdViews.org (a long-standing website with thousands of viewers) who posts the article with an excellent graphic.  Not only do the people who go to his website read the article; but once I have a URL, then I can post the article (along with the captivating graphic) on Facebook, Twitter, Parler, and MeWe. The graphic draws people in to read the article; and the URL allows me to post on Facebook, Twitter, Parler, and MeWe.  

I just counted my list of Facebook pages, and I post on 54 different FB pages upon which I am a member and have posting privileges. These FB pages have literally thousands of readers – 69,708, 150,878, 23,612, 181,414, and on and on (last year I made a list of each of the FB pages and the number of recipients on each one – the numbers are probably higher now).

It is everyday people such as myself who have been able to get to the “people in the trenches” by using these social media venues, and this has allowed us to bypass the leftist news media. Big Techie knows perfectly well what they are doing. Now Google is limiting me by not allowing me to send out my e-mails through gmail to my large contact list. Twitter had previously kept me from posting the New York Post articles about Hunter Biden’s laptop and his family’s lucrative deals with Communist China.  The e-mails on that laptop have now been thoroughly validated by forensic experts and by people who were the recipients of those e-mails.

I have begged people for some time to sign up for my Constant Contact list because I feared this Facebook day (and Twitter and Google) would come. I have a large group on CC, but not nearly so many as I had on Facebook. Constant Contact never blocks anything and gathers no personally identifiable information.  (Please see directions posted below to sign up for my Constant Contact list.)

Spectrum will only allow me to send a certain number of e-mails per day, and my contact list has grown now to thousands. Facebook has no limit as to how many articles per day a person can post; and even though it takes me hours each day, I have been able to post very frequently on FB (and the other platforms).

You see the dilemma that I (and many wonderful conservative writers) are facing.  We must be able to get the truth out to the masses.  

May God be merciful upon our nation and the future of our children and grandchildren.


The process of signing up for my Constant Contact list is simple, non-intrusive, and FREE TO YOU.  You enter four things on the CC sign-up form: (1) first name, (2) last name, (3) state of residence, and (4) e-mail address.

Here is the Constant Contact link to sign up for my articles:  https://tinyurl.com/ycz9k5na

As a customer, Constant Contact places no limit on the number of articles I can send per day. I am only charged for the number of recipients on my list.

Constant Contact offers all of us a way to stay in touch by sharing our information with one another through e-mails, and CC does not utilize the “thought police” as does Facebook (and the other social media platforms).

Constant Contact is a sure way for Americans to stay informed without having to rely on the fake news outlets nor on the “thought police.”    

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