Facebook Engineer Resigns Over “Free Expression” Concerns

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While it has been easy to decry some of the latest news out of Facebook as deeply troubling, it appears as though not everyone in Silicon Valley is as lost as the others.

Facebook’s un-publishing of 800 political entities within the platform today has already spurred a great deal of debate over the current state of our First Amendment.  Yours truly even tapped out a rage-induced piece just hours ago, lamenting over the issue.  The move comes during a long and protracted war of words between the mainstream media and independent voices from the world wide web.

Now, one Facebook engineer is taking a stand in his own way, by walking away from the organization altogether, and for startling reasons.

“I’m leaving because I’m burnt out on Facebook, our strategy, our culture, and our product,” Brian Amerige wrote in an internal message to company employees, adding that Facebook’s PR strategy is “appeasement — not morally earned pride and self-defense,” according to Business Insider.

“I care too deeply about our role in supporting free expression and intellectual diversity to even whole-heartedly attempt the product stuff anymore, and that’s how I know it’s time to go,” Amerige also wrote.

His resignation comes after he wrote another internal memo in August calling the company out for mob-like attacks on anyone who doesn’t ascribe to the political left’s agenda. “We are a political monoculture … quick to attack — often in mobs — anyone who presents a view that appears to be in opposition to left-leaning ideology,” he wrote.

The memo inspired the creation of an internal group, “FB’ers for Political Diversity,” where conservative employees discussed the companies political practices.

Some Facebook employees have allegedly refused to work with others because of their political beliefs, Business Insider reported.

Facebook has long been under fire for their treatment of the political fringes, and their suppression of the First Amendment.

Source: Facebook Engineer Resigns Over “Free Expression” Concerns

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