In a move they say is necessary to stop foreign invaders from influencing future elections through its site, Facebook is looking to hire people who already have national security clearances.

The idea would seem to reek of an Orwellian nightmare and whole new level of Big-Brother global spying.

The move is unconfirmed since a Facebook spokesman declined to comment, but would likely be in response to the company’s admission that it sold political ads to a Russian firm in advance of the the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

To gain access to classified information, Congress would have to approve Facebook’s requests, according to national security lawyer Alan Edmunds.

“You can’t just get a person with a security clearance out of the clear blue and tell them to access classified information for a business without a business itself having a clearance,” he said.


So good luck with that.

With a facility clearance, Facebook employees could legally access government databases that contain classified information on individuals (my emphasis) and organizations. They could also meet with intelligence officials to review documents, Edmunds said.

It makes sense that potential job candidates with such clearances were former government employees, as their security clearance can carry over to the private-sector even if the position still requires access to sensitive information.

Because although previously granted security clearances dissolve when intelligence workers leave government employment, they can be reactivated on Facebook’s behalf with congressional approval.

Facebook would almost certainly use the opportunity to hire former Obama administration employees who would use their clearance privileges to spy on any organization that didn’t fit with their lefty politics.

Hopefully the American government will nip this move by Facebook to peek in on whatever it wants in the bud, and there is no better place to do that than on Silicon Valley’s turf.