Facing lawsuit, Berkeley opens doors to liberty lovers

Jul 3, 2018 by

‘Public university officials can’t discriminate because of political beliefs’

Facing a lawsuit, the University of California at Berkeley has revised its policy on student groups, granting a conservative organization the same rights as groups such as Cal Berkeley Democrats, Progressive Student Association and Socialist Alternative at Berkeley.

University officials have reached a settlement that will mean they no longer can deny or delay recognition of a student organization based on its “statements of purpose or uniqueness, mission statement, or other viewpoint.”

The case was brought by the Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of Young Americans for Liberty.

ADF said that as part of a settlement ending the suit, the university also agreed to pay damages and attorneys’ fees.

“Public university officials can’t discriminate against students because of their political beliefs,” said ADF Legal Counsel Caleb Dalton. “By leaving decisions on whether a student group is ‘too similar’ to another club in the hands of a university official with no requirement to follow any viewpoint-neutral standards, UC-Berkeley allowed for unconstitutional discrimination, but these changes fix that problem.

Source: Facing lawsuit, Berkeley opens doors to liberty lovers

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