Facts you need to know about the MBA Program

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What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear about MBA?

  • The image of a professional bank manager at your local branch?

  • A financial center full of skyscrapers with hundreds of white collar employees?

  • The normal assumption that the MBA is an expensive program?

Actually, all these may be true. But are they the only things that you need to know about the MBA program or there is still more?

What is an MBA?

Masters of Business Administration is a program that is internationally recognized for developing individual skills to make students be conversant with the business world. It is among the most essential degree and especially if you are considering a career in the top management level. The program opens doors for internship programs, strong alumni network and other top positions.

The origin of MBA is in the USA during the 20th century. This is the period when many companies were coming up and they had to look for scientific approaches to management. Over time, the program became very popular and was widespread all over the continent, Asia and the Middle East. Strategies were also put in place for marketing MBA in Barcelona and the enrolment level increased tremendously.

General management

In simple terms, the MBA program is all about general management. It is a broad area of study and covers different management aspects. The core courses include finance, accounting, marketing, human resource, and leadership and negotiation skills. There are also elective courses available where students to choose depending on their preferences. These electives also revolve around the fundamentals of MBA. They help the students develop their knowledge in the field and at the same time guide them towards their ambitions and career goals.

Specialized MBA programs

In the recent past, the specialized MBA programs have also become very popular. They help students gain knowledge in a specific area and increase their expertise in the area of specialization. Students can specialize on specific niches including real estate, supply chain management, marketing and investment management among other specified areas.

The specialized programs prepare students for the job market by making them professionals with massive knowledge to serve the needs of specific industries.

Hard versus soft skills

MBA is among the few programs where students are privileged to learn about both hard and soft skills. Oft skills can be gotten though leaning while soft skills are obtained by trial and errors. While you need to have a strong IQ for you to develop strong hard skills, soft skills only need you to have emotional intelligence.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an MBA program is determined by several factors. This includes the program length, food, health insurance, travel and learning materials. In the US, which is also the origin of the program, the tuition fees are very affordable and there is always room for a person who is willing to pursue the program.

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