The failure of school ‘turnarounds’

Jun 14, 2017 by

A paper released this month examines the school turnaround measures Michigan put in place five years ago to get a waiver from the unrealistic requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind law.

The results are lackluster. In fact, the two researchers found the accountability systems have zero positive impact.

Brian Jacob, a professor of economics and education policy at the University of Michigan, along with Steven Hemelt at the University of North Carolina, published their working paper through the National Bureau of Economic Research.

In lieu of No Child’s strict student proficiency targets, Michigan’s waiver laid out ways the state would handle under-performing schools. It put together lists of “priority” schools, which were in the bottom 5 percent of schools in the state and “focus” schools, which had high achievement gaps between student groups.

Yet the strategies implemented to help these struggling schools didn’t work, and the blame should fall to individual school leaders and lack of state oversight.

“Overall, we find that neither reform had appreciable impacts on various measures of school staffing, student composition, or academic achievement,” the authors state.

They did find some small reductions in the math achievement gap, but that wasn’t a win for students as the lower-performing groups remained stagnant while higher-achieving students did less well.

Source: Editor’s Note: The failure of school ‘turnarounds’

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    No sh!t Sherlock.
    Now, surmise how many families pull their children from this penal public school system and choose a better, less indoctrination type of educational system.
    That’s is where you will find true learning. Socratic method!
    The People Friend Academy, a private school out of Tahoe CA. Where the creativity of each student is encouraged.

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