Fake ID’s aren’t as harmless as you think

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Having a fake ID sounds like a great idea if you’re a kid. Seeing all those cool parties on movies have made you feel left out. Sure, a simple card ordered online can help get rid of that feeling. And funnily enough, kids from the US and Canada are usually the only ones who feel sad about not being able to drink.

But is it worth it? Do you really want to get drunk and suffer the consequences? Are you ready to gain access to bars and clubs? Are you sure that these are all the things that you want in life?

We’ll give you specific reasons why you shouldn’t get a fake ID and why it’s just a bad idea.

It’s considered as a misdemeanor

If you get caught with a fake ID, you should really think if you want to deal with probation, paying a $1,000 fine, and maybe even up to one year in jail. Even if it’s uncommon to get caught with a fake ID, you’ll never really know if you’re going to get the bad cop. Get ready to spend a night in jail and spending a whole year meeting with a probation officer. Additionally, if the ID you used was actually real but isn’t yours, then congrats. You’ll get all these punishments in addition to being charged with identity theft.

You probably can’t afford it and you’re not sure where your money is going

The average fake ID costs around $100, with the high quality ones going for up to $200 a pop. Buying duplicates will also cost an additional $20-$30. If you’re lucky, your supplier may be doing a buy one get one deal, or a group discount for bulk purchases. You’re literally spending a lot of money on something that you’ll only be using for the next couple of years. You’ll actually be paying money to spend even more money and it’s just not worth it when you reach legal age.

Additionally, buying a fake ID doesn’t really mean that you’ll be getting a fake ID. You could be getting someone else’s legit ID and information, but with just your face on it. That’s a good case of identity theft already. But if you’re really getting a fake, what’s your assurance that you’ll get your ID and they won’t run away with your cash? These suppliers don’t have a legal website, an address that you can visit, or even a phone number that’s not from a burner. All you’ll have is probably a fake name.

You can have your identity stolen

Most fake ID makers will make you fill out a form with details. And most likely, you’re too lazy to come up with fake details, and you’ll use your real ones. What makes you think that this information is safe in their hands? Some kids may even use a debit or credit card to pay—so, adding insult to injury, your identity is stolen and your card information is also dragged in the process. You sure you want that?

You might get scammed

Even if you avoid the pitfalls listed above there is a very real chance you could get scammed out of your money altogether. Whilst there are some obvious scam websites operating out of China and Russia, even reputable scannable Fake ID websites have a chance of getting there ID stopped at the border before it ever reaches you. Always make sure to check Fake ID review websites to help you spot the websites trying to take advantage of you.

Just wait until you’re legal

Trust us, when you turn 21, it won’t be as exciting because you’ve already probably reduced your liver to dust by the time you’re 18. If you don’t get that fake ID, the alcohol will taste much better on your 21st birthday. Your first drink would be more perfect and less gross to drink.

It’s the “cool” kid thing to do, sure. But are you still going to be the cool kid if you’re facing a misdemeanor charge, maybe a felony? The friends that you wanted to impress with your fake ID, will they help find you a good lawyer when you get caught? Or will they be there for you after you get out of jail? Think about all of this before jumping in and purchasing that fake ID.

Just learn how to wait. 21 is going to come sooner or later. There’s no sure fire way of combatting fake IDs in North America, but for now, kids should just wait. Or be lucky enough to have cool parents who would rather have them drink safely at home, under strict supervision. Doesn’t that sound better and much cooler?

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