“Fake News”

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A Cobble Hill, Brooklyn school principal used that phrase to categorize credible and damning  media accounts of her incompetence and lies.  Too bad that expression is not available for copyright. Already taken.

As a practitioner of “the best defense is a good offensive” strategy, she is offensive indeed.

The original story came to light last week. She sicced the Administration for Children’s Services on the parents of an honors student with perfect attendance and behavior for suspicion of abuse or neglect, based on the child’s absences from her school.

The subsequent investigation was invasive and humiliating. 

The child’s parents contacted the school multiple times to inform them that their child was not even on register there, but was enrolled elsewhere.  He was never a public school student, so it wasn’t an innocent snafu.

Their communications were ignored.  The parents were forced to go to the New York Post in the hope that the publicity would encourage corrective action.

Of course the school’s gut reaction was to plead ignorance.  But in a January 10th follow-up, the Post quoted staff members who acknowledged that they had informed the school authorities that “this student was not in anybody’s classes.”

That didn’t stop the school from issuing multiple report cards detailing the student’s strengths and weaknesses, including mention of a phantom guidance counselor.

It was also revealed that the school violated regulations that required them to contact the student’s parents prior to alerting  ACS, but they didn’t bother with that inconvenience: no phone calls, e-mails, texts, or “attendance teacher” visit.

The parents weren’t being abusive or neglectful.  That indictment fits the school leadership.
If the principal had done a “mea culpa”, it would be harder to give her a “pass” than it would be for the principal to give one to a ghost on her student roster, but it would at least show effort of some kind.
Instead she calls verification of her school’s bungling “fake news”.

Her denials are lame.  Her excuses pathetic.  And her explanations as phony as a four-dollar bill.

Ron Isaac

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