Everyone Knows Except for Fake Newsmakers

Nov 4, 2017 by

“Everyone Knows Except for Fake Newsmakers”

By Donna Garner



Do you remember when you were in high school, and you suddenly got the feeling that everyone was whispering something behind your back? 



Do you remember the story of the “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen?  The Emperor was caught up in his own vanity. Only one boy had the courage to tell the Emperor the truth.



These two examples illustrate the position of the mainstream, leftist media. They are so busy with their fake news stories that they do not even realize most of us have left them.



We can get our fact-based news directly from the President of the United States himself since the leftist media is ignoring the Obama-Era Russian Uranium One deal, FBI/Mueller/Comey/Rosenstein’s knowledge of Russian schemes to illegally obtain our uranium resulting in distribution of “yellow cake” to Iran/North Korea, Hillary Clinton’s cheating/lying/stealing of election from Bernie Sanders, the DNC/Clinton Campaign’s paying for false dossier from Russia, and on and on.  



It is such a joy each morning to go to Pres. Trump’s Twitter page and have him talk directly to me, a common, everyday American who wants to know what is really happening in our world in real time.



All I have to do is to go to this link either on my computer or on my techie device: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump



I am not required to have a Twitter account if I simply want to read/listen/watch what Pres. Trump posts without interacting with the Twitter page. However, I have opened a Twitter account so that I can join with almost 50 Million other people to give Pres. Trump a red “hearty” response.  I enjoy letting him know that I am appreciative of his hard work and want him to continue his efforts to Make America Great Again.   

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