Falling victim to school’s ‘obligatory blah blah’ to human rights, a classic of modern Canadian university soft-think

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Henry Parada, the now-former director of the Ryerson University School of Social Work, fell victim to an identity politics monster he helped create, Christie Blatchford writes

As someone far smarter than me remarked Tuesday, if Henry Parada was indeed devoured, it was at least in part by the very people he helped create.

Parada is an associate professor at the Ryerson University School of Social Work who, until recently, was also the school’s director.

He stepped down from that post earlier this month amid heated allegations of anti-black racism — in particular “misogynoir,” the sort aimed at black women.

Ryerson University

Ryerson UniversityHenry Parada

Parada’s sin was to allegedly walk out of an anti-racism meeting when a young black female colleague was either speaking or being applauded. No one appears much interested in finding out what led him to leave the room, and the group spearheading the demands for him first to step down (done) and apologize (not done), the Black Liberation Collective at Ryerson, appears to consider such questions to be racist.

Parada hasn’t responded to numerous Postmedia efforts to contact him.

But the school where he has been teaching for at least seven years is in fact all about calling out guilty bastards just like him, by which I mean white and male.

The very banner across the school’s website makes that plain: “Anti-oppression/social transformation/social justice.”

The school’s “values” statement fills in some of the detail.

“School of Social Work is a leader in critical education, research and practice with culturally and socially diverse students and communities in the advancement of anti-oppression/anti-racism, anti-Black racism, anti-colonialism/decolonization, Aboriginal reconciliation, feminism, anti-capitalism, queer and trans liberation struggles, issues in disability and Madness, among other social justice struggles.”

Source: Christie Blatchford: Falling victim to school’s ‘obligatory blah blah’ to human rights, a classic of modern Canadian university soft-think | National Post

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