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In this society filled with advanced technologies, parents are more concerned about their children. But now Science has presented some of the most wonderful apps by which you can control your child’s activity. “FamiSafe” is one of the world’s remarkable apps. Which is giving awareness to those parents who are always worried about their kids using mobile phones for many hours? By using “FamiSafe” app, parents are now able to look and control what’s happening in their children’s phone, what websites they have access to, what apps are they installing and what kind of messages they are sending or receiving, what kind of places they are going at? At what exact time they are turning off their cell phones? This app is so useful for those parents who always wanted to know what kind of activities their children have included in their lives. Parents should install this app to be relaxed for 24 hours by keeping an eye on their kid’s social activities.  

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FamiSafe is providing you many features in this app for your support, few features are briefly explained here

Suspicious Texts

Parents automatically get alert by this app if there child is in harm or how to prevent him/her from those kinds of situations. These include cyber bullying, harassment cases and inappropriate adult content and online threats they might get.

Real-Time Location Tracking & Geo-Fencing

You can track your kid’s location to make sure as they are not at places other than where they’re intended to be. Or just where you have strictly denied them to go.  

App Usage

There are so many apps that are wasting the time of kids for studying or for bedtime. By this feature, you can lock or block apps that are mostly used by your kid. These apps must be used at a particular time in a whole day.  


The app ‘FamiSafe’ can be installed on the following: 

  • I Pad
  • IPod
  • IPhone
  • IOS 9.x
  • IOS 10.x 
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Android phones tablets, Android 4.0 & above. Moreover, the specialty of this app is, it doesn’t need any rooting or jail breaking.

These were the few features of this app by which you can keep yourself updated from your child’s activities. By installing this app you’ll be given a 3-day free trial. After that, you’ll be charged for your app using services. If you have any questions just go the official website of this app where you’ll surely get all the answers. If you’re concerned about your child so you must install this app to check your child’s mental and physical health stability and to what extent they’re taking their schedule seriously.  

FamiSafe was invented by a company named WonderShare technology which is known for its easy-breezy software inventions that make daily life tasks so easy to get done. As the generation has become sharp & smart the upbringing had to be smart too. This is when WonderShare thought to invent something that doesn’t cause any hurdles in a child’s upbringing. FamiSafe has covered a lot of parents and people who are concerned about their loved ones. The feedback shows how important it was to build something like FamiSafe.You can read about games at Ark Console Commands.

The team advice to talk with your kids, you’re trying to keep eye on, these features are great to bring a positive change but can be disturbing at the same time if not discussed with kids. 

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