Famous Celebrities who love bingo

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Bingo has had a facelift in recent years, it’s no longer an activity for pensioners to play while away the hours, it offers exceptional entertainment and provides a real buzz for players both young and old. Ever since the game of bingo transitioned from bingo halls to online, it has surged in popularity and is loved throughout the world. You might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of celebs who love the game at DiamondJackpots too! 

Catherine Zeta-Jones 

This one might not be such a surprise as Catherine is quite open about her love of bingo who has been known to have played the game ever since she was a child being brought up in Wales in the UK. Her love of bingo has stayed with her and as well as hosting bingo parties in her home the star has her very own tailor-made bingo cards which are updated annually – now that’s a dedication to bingo! It is speculated that her love of bingo might be connected to that her parents enrolled the starlet in a dance and ballet school following a lucky bingo win where they won £100k!  

Kate Moss

Always full of surprises, Kate Moss is known for her love of bingo which given her supermodel, rock and roll lifestyle may be a bit of a surprise! However, the stunning Moss switched up her partying for evenings playing bingo with close friend Sadie Frost where the pair would play family bingo games in a bid to have a quieter more family orientated lifestyle.  

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo is among many celebs who are huge bingo fans! This might come as a surprise to you, as a career in football doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with bingo playing, but Cristiano Ronaldo loves a game of bingo! But when he moved to Manchester in 2003, to improve his English to footballer practised using Bingo! Cristiano Ronaldo has described Bingo as “very exciting” and we really have to agree with him on that one! 

Russell Crowe 

From humble roots as a bingo caller in New Zealand where the star grew up, Russell Crowe never gave up on his love of bingo and has been spotted in bingo halls with ex-wife Danielle Spencer. 

Sharon Osbourne 

The famous redheaded celeb is known for many different things as she has built up hers and her family’s brand massively in the spotlight, so it might not be much of a surprise that Sharon Osborne is a big bingo fan. Wife of rock legend Ozzy Osborne, to unwind Sharon enjoys playing online bingo and is so passionate about the game she even created a bingo site of her own! 

Robbie Williams 

He’s loving Bingo instead… Robbie Williams has been known to play bingo throughout the world including the UK and America and has used these games to raise money for good causes. Williams has even been rumoured to host bingo bashes of his own at his UK home raising money for charities with A-listers on the guest list.

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