Fantasy Sports – Don’t Miss Out on the Action

Feb 13, 2018 by

The dizzying 59.3 million people are currently playing Fantasy Sports in the US and Canada alone. From actual physical activity to watching and cheering, the rage of sports moved on to betting and investing in fantasy teams. And while betting in North America is still mostly illegal, players are free to get involved in Fantasy Sports.

So what exactly is the thrill of fantasy teams? With time, sports fans realized they want to participate in the creation of the teams. Fantasy Sports allows them to build the perfect team. Players pay a fee, and when they enroll in the game, they have the authority to choose real athletes and assemble a team based on their players’ capabilities and strengths. You are free to choose and combine the players as you wish, staying under your salary cap.

Fantasy sports are time-consuming as players must spend a certain amount of time on research. Users who take their teams seriously spend at least 10 hours a week solely on research. By analyzing their athlete’s skills in previous games they come up with strategies and take care of any weak points.

Aside from time, players participate with money, which further motivates them to win. The prizes are also welcomed, so the charm of playing is doubled. The 2016 DraftKings Millionaire Maker saw its contestant Al Zeidenfeld make 1 million dollars. More sports lovers were hooked.

Since sports is a multi-million dollar industry, successful companies and TV networks have taken notice and have used it to advertise and bring in more money. Fantasy Sports aren’t an exception. Thus, CBS Sports has signed a partnership with FanDuel, airing a daily show in order to engage with the audience.

It is, all taken into consideration, a great way to be included in today’s trends, compete with your friends and coworkers, and maybe make some money.


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