Farage Launches UKIP Poster: ‘Primary Schools Massively Oversubscribed’

Jun 21, 2016 by

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has launched a poster highlighting the effect of mass, uncontrolled immigration from the European Union (EU) on public services.

“The school over-run”, reads the poster, was revealed to the public just two days before the British people vote on their country’s membership of the EU.

“Last year, nearly 1 in 4 primary schools were full or oversubscribed. The EU has failed us all. We must take back control of our borders now,” adds the caption.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage unveiled it in Clacton-on-sea, Essex, where there was said to be “huge media interest”.

“Fantastic to be in Clacton where the sun is shining and there is huge enthusiasm to Leave EU!” Tweeted Mr. Farage.

Adding: “We have no border controls inside EU. If you want the UK to be able to control migration then vote to Leave EU on Thursday.”

The poster also appears to have been a hit on Facebook, where it was posted on the official UKIP page.


“Had a lot of trouble getting our eldest a place when she moved home. Missed half a term and was playing catch up the rest of the year. Vote leave for your kids,” commented Mike Kennedy.

“Wonder if David Beckham or Richard Branson had trouble getting their kids into local schools — oh no wait a minute,” joked Jenny Grover, referring to the two prominent Remain supporters.

John David wrote: “Never mind the school run, what about the doctors app or hospital app or trying to get a house! Sorry I and my family are OUT.”

England is currently facing a huge crisis over primary school numbers. Official figures released this year revealed a shortfall of 10,000 places across the country within four years.

European migrants are  more likely to be young and have children than the average person in the UK, so they take up more school places.

The last set of official figures on immigration before the referendum, released in May, showed net migration has risen to 333,000 – up 20,000 from December 2014 and the second highest level on record.

The net figure for EU citizens moving to the UK was 184,000 – up 10,000 on 2014 – meaning that more that 55 per cent of new arrivals took advantage of open borders within the EU.

Source: Farage Launches UKIP Poster: ‘Primary Schools Massively Oversubscribed’ – Breitbart

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