Farmington Schools Improve Scores with Instructional Technology

Mar 17, 2018 by

In step with national trends, Farmington Schools are expanding their use of technology in the classroom. The Farmington School District began piloting the use of instructional technology to help students prepare for their EOC exam during the 2012-2013 school year. After finding success, the district has expanded usage consistently and now uses a web-based test prep and curriculum resource for grades 3 through high school.

The results in the lower grades have also been encouraging. Since Farmington School District began using USATestprep in the 2014-2015 school year, the percent of students scoring as Proficient and Advanced in 6th grade ELA has improved a whopping 20 points from 43% to 63%. At the Elementary level, 4th grade ELA student achievement has improved from 50% Proficient and Advanced to 79% in just 4 years.

Roblyn Melton, the District Assessment Director for Farmington Schools, says this resource not only “enables the students to do review on their own by accessing their account to practice,” but also helps the teachers: “USATestprep has helped improve teachers understanding of assessment design. The item banks have multiple questions for each standard at varying levels of Depth of Knowledge. This allows us to develop formative as well as summative assessments to use with our students. It also enables the students to do some review on their own by accessing their account and doing practice.”

Melton adds: “The students know immediately how they did on the assessments and then when the teacher enables them to review items, they can see what they got wrong and right.”

Their approach:

  • Farmington teachers use an instructional platform, USATestprep, to develop assessments, as well as for remediation or enrichment assignments.
  • Teachers in the district also utilize the platform’s videos and games during their class time.
  • Farmington uses this web-based test prep and curriculum resource for English in grades 3-11; Math in grades 7-Algebra 2; Social Studies in grades 5-high school; and science at grades 7-high school.
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