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Faux Plot by Anti-Trumpsters”

By Donna Garner


What is the latest in the faux plot against Trump and Russian “collusion”?

Simply put, liar Christopher Steele, a British spy with close ties to the FBI, put together a dossier filled with unsubstantiated, salacious, faux information to take down Trump the Presidential candidate and Trump the President.

Steele said the information came from Russian informants; but, of course, it was totally uncorroborated and actually was a money-making scheme for Steele who made more than $1 Million from Hillary/DNC/FBI/DOJ/Glenn Simpson/Fusion GPS for Steele’s “opposition research, porno novel” (a.k.a., the dossier).  

Steele met frequently with Bruce Ohr who was the fourth in command in Obama’s DOJ.  Ohr’s wife Nellie worked for Glenn Simpson’s Fusion GPS.  Because Steele leaked the dossier to the media, the FBI fired him which meant that all official FBI/DOJ interaction with Steele should have ceased.  

Instead, Christopher Steele/Bruce Ohr/Nellie Ohr/Glenn Simpson/Fusion GPS all stayed in close contact with one another, plotting their next steps as to how best to release the dossier and plant other lies about Trump.

The dossier was passed to multiple leftist news sources and to various anti-Trump politicians such as James Clapper (Obama’s Dir. of Nat. Intel), John Brennan (Obama’s Dir. of the CIA), James Comey (FBI director), RINO Sen. John McCain, Dem. Rep. Adam Schiff, etc.  The faux story spread across the country and across the world.

Eventually the faux dossier became the main part of the FISA warrant which allowed the FBI to surveil Trump and his campaign. Of course, none of the warrants (the first one signed by Obama’s Dep. Att. Sally Yates) told the truth about the dossier – that it was paid for by the Trump opposition and that none of the information in it had been verified.  The warrants (the last one signed by Rosenstein) led to AG Rod Rosenstein’s appointing Robert Mueller (Rosenstein’s buddy) to investigate Trump for “collusion” with Russia.

Now almost $20 Million later with Mueller’s totally Democrat-aligned team getting richer, we taxpayers are on the hook; and our duly elected President and his team are constantly having to battle this faux Mueller investigation.  In over a year and a half, not one shred of evidence has been produced by the Mueller team to show that Trump ever “colluded” with the Russians.

At no time in history has one political campaign (Hillary’s) targeted another political campaign (Trump’s) by using FISA warrants to surveil the opposition candidate; and the security tools of the DOJ/FBI were utilized against Trump to do it. This is called “weaponizing” and is frequently seen in Third World countries to overthrow a dictator. In the case of Trump, he was duly elected by the American people; therefore, this anti-Trump coup was meant to overthrow the people’s choice in a Constitutional republic!  

All Americans should be outraged to think that a group of leftwingers would try to steal America from us voters. The way to fight back is to vote in the mid-term elections, driving the Democrats and eventually the present DOJ/FBI leadership out of office.

If we do not do our part, America and its Constitutional republic will be doomed; and the bright future under Trump and his very successful initiatives will cease to exist for our children and grandchildren.


8.7.18 – “How a Senior DOJ Official, Bruce Ohr, Helped Dems on Trump Russia Case” — By John Solomon – The Hill http://thehill.com/hilltv/rising/400810-opinion-how-a-senior-justice-official-helped-dems-on-trump-russia-case

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7.30.18 — “FISA Documents Reveal FBI Collusion” — By Laura Hollis – Boston Herald


7.23.18 — “Newly Released FISA Warrants — Not a Nothing-Burger” – by Donna Garner – EdViews.org —

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