Fawning Letter to the New York Post

Jun 12, 2019 by

Congratulations on doubling your newsstand price overnight.  That’s bold, some would say nervy. 

To preserve a proportional relationship between your readers’ means and this heightened expense, would you kindly advocate for the pay of teachers being similarly jacked up to twice what it was just a couple of days ago?

They are. after all, among your most despised workers and coveted customers.

You announce your 100 percent hike in a petite space normally reserved for retractions and urge readers to avail themselves of ways to get  ‘an even better deal” than the doubled price.  “Even” ?  How odd! 
Thanks for promising “to invest in hard-hitting journalism…” and assuring your readership that their forking over the modest twofold hike “will ensure” more of the same of what you are known for. 

Now that you have doubled-up on your selling price  will you also double-down on the disinformation and trolling for public school “scandals”? 

Environmental regulations no longer allow me to wrap my swordfish steaks in your newsprint, but  still your price upgrade has hit my already austere budget and done some collateral damage.  It is no longer cost-effective to fill my cat’s litter box with it, which was until last Monday the primary beneficiary of your editorial pages.

No longer is your illustrious rag a bargain.  It is now overpriced. High price for low value!

Ron Isaac

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