Fed up University of Texas alum starts Facebook group to ‘Stop the Insanity at UT’

Sep 25, 2018 by

A University of Texas alumnus, fed up with liberal bias at his alma mater, has harnessed the power of social media to alert fellow Longhorns about the problem and generate pushback against leftism at the school.

Attorney Mark Pulliam, a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, recently launched a new Facebook page called “Stop the Insanity at UT,” which serves as a one-stop shop for campus news and commentary that exposes troubling trends at the Lone Star State’s flagship public university.

“Most alums do not know about the speech codes, diversity team, and professor quotas. I wanted to get it all in one place so alums who want to hear about the university going crazy with social justice can visit my page,” Pulliam told The College Fix in a telephone interview.

“My feeling is that if other alumni knew what I knew, and paid attention, they would be as bothered as I am,” he said. “… Identity politics and the truth are going in opposite directions. I am doing my part to fix it. I love UT, and it makes me sick what’s going on at my university.”

The Facebook page’s “about” section declares: “This page is devoted to exposing the radical, pervert agenda of UT President Greg Fenves, who is trying to turn UT into the replica of his alma mater, UC Berkeley.”

Source: Fed up University of Texas alum starts Facebook group to ‘Stop the Insanity at UT’ – The College Fix

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