Feds Choosing Each Student’s Vocation

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“Feds Choosing Each Student’s Vocation”

By Donna Garner



On last night’s podcast of Women on the Wall, Alice Linahan and guests discussed two new Congressional bills that if passed would allow the federal government to control completely the vocational choices and the career/tech training of all students in America – public, private, charter, homeschools.  


Students would be “forced” into certain vocations chosen by the federal government – not based upon the student’s own talents and desires and not based upon parental guidance.   


Students’ vocations would be decided based upon the economy and the commerce in each regional area.


Federally controlled certifications and federal dollars would dictate who gets a job.


What if a student decides to move to another part of the country and his/her education is built upon a certain career-tech cluster that is not “popular” in the new location? 


What if a student’s career-tech cluster is replaced by some new invention?


America is built upon the premise that all citizens are free to determine their own future and that every student should receive a deep and wide, foundational education. This then gives the graduate the ability to be flexible to change vocations during her/his lifetime.  It is the Socialistic model that allows the State to determine people’s vocational choices.


Public-private partnerships were originally meant to help build the schools but not TO RUN the schools. Now through Obama’s Common Core Standards Initiative and these pending Congressional bills (HR 5587, S 3271), public-private partnerships are to be enshrined. They would determine the curriculum that is to be taught since teachers’ evaluations would be measured by their students’ career-tech performance.


LINK TO HR 5587:  https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/5587



HERE IS THE LINK TO S 3271:  https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/senate-bill/3271



Personally identifiable information, psychological tracking, social-emotional learning – all are being collected on a huge national database created by the Obama administration under the Common Core Standards Initiative.


The term “assessments” is being changed to “evaluations” which allows for individual, non-academic measuring of social-emotional learning; and the monitoring and the tracking of students Pre-K through adulthood would become a reality.  


The creation by the federal government of a psychological profile of each person in America is Hillary Clinton’s 1998 “cradle-to-the-grave” agenda coming to pass.  



LINK TO PODCAST:  https://www.facebook.com/WomenOnTheWall.org/videos/1266971043326721/





Taxpayers need to be assertive by insisting that they see the contracts signed by the locals and the state with entities that do data mining of students, teachers, and parents.  


ESSA (signed into law on 12.10.15 – replaced NCLB) was touted by Congress as giving control back to the locals but is now being exposed as putting more control into the federal government’s hands. The same thing would happen with HR 5587 and S 3271.


Both HR 5587 and S 3271 were introduced in July 2016 and will probably be brought up when Congress returns from recess after Labor Day. Now is the time to contact our Congressmen while they are in their home districts.  


Congressmen, “#STOP HR 5587 AND #STOP S 3271.”  



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    In doing a little searching, H.R. 5887 deals with awarding Congressional Gold Medals to servicemen who joined the military before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Hopefully there aren’t too many confused members of congress wondering why their constituents are against awarding medals to WWII veterans.

    I believe House Resolution 5587, the “Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act”, is the one to which you are referring. I’ve tied to read both and they aren’t an easy read.

    Honestly, Odious or not, the bottom line should be this: the federal government has no–nor should it have–constitutional authority to dictate the running of any educational facility. But that would also hold for most all federal agencies in existence.

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    HR 5887 is incorrect. This post needs to be updated with the correct House bill number because the post is spreading on Facebook.

    Is the correct number 5587?

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    Did you mean H.R. 5587?

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