Feds contracting to buy all ammo

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Bullet buys aimed at drying up market in end run around second amendment

A weapons manufacturer who supplies the federal government with ammunition told the nationally syndicated Savage Nation radio show that the Department of Homeland Security’s huge ammo purchases were an attempt to dry up supplies as part of an end run around the second amendment.

The caller, who described himself as a defense contractor and a licensed weapons manufacturer, said the goal was to “control the amount of market that’s available on the commercial market at any time,” by forcing manufacturers to hold back stock.

“If they periodically do this in increments, they’re going to control how much ammo is available on the commercial market,” said the caller, adding that the contracts with bullet manufacturers stipulate that everything made goes to the government as the number one priority before it is allowed to enter the commercial market.

The caller noted how this process had caused prices to shoot up at gun shows, while in the commercial market ammunition was very limited and on back order as a result and that “supply cannot keep up with demand.” He also noted how the State Department and the ATF were making it harder to import ammunition from overseas.

Host Michael Savage stated that the DHS’ commitment to purchase 1.6 billion bullets over the past year was, “obviously an attempt to dry up the ammunition market, to control the ammunition market.”

The weapons manufacturer agreed, adding that the deals the DHS is agreeing with manufacturers are based on, “indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity,” allowing the feds to monopolize the supply on ammo by preventing companies from selling the bullets to the commercial market.

Savage tied the bullet demand to the huge number of new gun purchases since Obama took office, noting, “people are afraid of him….he is the most frightening American President in modern American history….so people are rushing out to buy guns to protect themselves….but what does a gun need? A gun needs a bullet,” adding that the government is trying to enact gun control via the back door because the second amendment says nothing about the right to buy ammunition.

The DHS’ huge bullet buys, although erroneously dismissed by some as routine, have exacerbated the nationwide shortage of ammunition, with police departments now so desperate for ammo they are being forced to barter with each other to meet their needs.

In a letter sent to the Department of Homeland Security, Californian Congressman Doug LaMalfa and 14 of his House colleagues asked if the bulk bullet purchases were, “being conducted in a manner that strategically denies the American people access to ammunition.”

The DHS subsequently denied that charge, claiming the bullets were being bought in bulk to save money and were for training purposes only.

However, as we have documented, most of the bullets being purchased are hollow point rounds, which are almost twice as expensive as regular firing range bullets and therefore unsuitable for training purposes.

As former Marine Richard Mason told reporters with WHPTV News in Pennsylvania earlier this month, “We never trained with hollow points, we didn’t even see hollow points my entire four and a half years in the Marine Corps.”

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