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Schools and food banks have stepped up to make sure that meals were made available to students most in need.See the source image

The COVID-19 pandemic not only closed schools across the country and forced millions of students and teachers into alternative learning methods, but it also took away from many children something equally important — a nutritious meal.

Schools and food banks have stepped up to make sure that school lunches and breakfasts were made available to students most in need. The Pittsburgh Public School District is taking other proactive measures by making sure all families of students receive supplemental food stamps and can participate in a weekly distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables.

It’s a reminder that our public school districts are as concerned with the health and welfare of children as they are about education.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act, approved March 18 and signed by President Trump, calls for the state to provide the extra benefit to all households with children who qualify for free or reduced-price meals. All PPS students qualify for the meals, which means that all households are eligible for the supplemental food stamps.

Each student qualifies for a benefit of $5.70 per day for the 65 days that schools were closed due to the pandemic, for a total of $370.50 per student. That benefit will go a long way for many families that are feeding their children at home and may also be out of work because of the shutdown.

The Pittsburgh district recognized from the outset that children not in school could become children who might go hungry. Officials said the district quickly put a feeding program in place and has distributed more than 120,000 “grab and go” meals since schools closed on March 16.

In addition, the district has partnered with Paragon Foods to provide fresh fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis for the next six months.

School officials hope to have children back in the classrooms by fall, if schools can reopen in a safe manner that limits the potential spread of the coronavirus. In the meantime, the schools continue their efforts to make sure that students don’t go hungry while at home.

Source: Feeding students at home | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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