I don’t feel welcome in this country as a foreign PhD student

Jul 25, 2015 by


The Home Office has repeatedly said it wants to tackle visa abuse by “bogus colleges” while attracting the “best and brightest” students to UK universities. As an American student with a degree from an Ivy League university, on a PhD course at a Russell Group university, I can say that it feels like the Home Office also wants to niggle with me just enough to remind me that I am not really (quite) welcome in this country.

I am speaking not just of the drumbeats for an enhanced student-visa “crackdown” in the news recently. There are, in fact, already a number of measures in place that make it clear to students like myself that we are actually imposters. Potential parasites on the British state. Slick little devils likely to game the system. Aliens.

As a non-EEA (European Economic Area) migrant, if I wish to complete the most mundane paid tasks at the university – such as sealing up undergraduate exam scripts and carrying them from the examination hall to the faculty – I have to fill out seven pages of paperwork.



Source: I don’t feel welcome in this country as a foreign PhD student | Higher Education Network | The Guardian

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