Filing of lawsuit gets school’s attention

Sep 4, 2015 by

A Nevada lawsuit underlines the fact that many school districts simply don’t understand that their ability to bar pro-life clubs has limitations.

Students for Life is growing its numbers on high school campuses around the country – but occasionally students meet resistance when trying to get a club started. Thomas More Society associate counsel Jocelyn Floyd points to the latest case.


“This is a situation out of Las Vegas, Nevada, where a student – Angelique Clark – applied for a pro-life club at her school and she ran into a lot of obstacles with the administration. They denied it,” she describes. “She tried to work with them to try to figure out how to make it something they could accept.”

But school officials still refused to authorize the club.

Thomas More Society issued a demand letter to the school last May explaining the law – but when there wasn’t a sufficient response the legal firm followed it up with a lawsuit. Floyd then noticed district officials quickened their pace, and in a short time authorized the club and expressed willingness to settle.

The attorney believes the reason schools resist or reject the clubs is a lack of understanding.

“They have this understanding that the Gay-Straight Alliances are protected because the law in the area was developed when Gay-Straight Alliances sued to get permission to have their clubs,” Floyd explains. “[But] for some reason the schools don’t understand that those same cases, all of that [legal] precedent, means that the pro-life clubs have to be approved just as equally.”


Source: Filing of lawsuit gets school’s attention

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