Finally, Congress to start debate on No Child Left Behind rewrite

Jul 6, 2015 by

Wade Payne/AP

Wade Payne/AP

Will the House and Senate write a new law that is reasonable?

By Monty Neill –

This week Congress takes up overhaul of “No Child Left Behind,” the widely despised federal law that brought a tsunami of testing down on public schools. Beginning Tuesday, July 7, the U.S. Senate is scheduled to debate reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA, now named No Child Left Behind, NCLB). The House is expected to take up its own proposal (H.R. 5) later this month.

Overall, the Senate’s “Every Child Achieves Act” (ECAA, S. 1117) makes significant assessment reform progress. It largely returns control over accountability to the states. It allows states to choose whether to use student test scores to judge teachers. It provides some flexibility in assessment. However, the Senate proposal fails to scale back mandated testing – pending a vote on an amendment that would allow states to test once each in elementary, middle and high school.

Here are some specifics:

Source: Finally, Congress to start debate on No Child Left Behind rewrite – The Washington Post

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