Finding the Right Private Sector Translation Providers

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There are many private sector translation providers throughout the world, but finding the right one for your company’s needs may take a bit of research to make the perfect match. Clearly defining your company’s translation needs is the first step in finding a partner that can deliver the services that can help you establish your business in a particular market.

Many company managers are astounded when they first delve into the depth of services of private sector translation providers. They run the gamut of live, simultaneous translation to machine learning services for the internet. Localization is another specialty facet of language translation that is vital to delivering your company’s message in a manner where it can be easily understood in a regional language.

Simultaneous Translation

These are the people you see in international conferences, and at the side of VIPs who provide translation from one language to another while a person is speaking. It’s a highly-skilled profession and the translators have to be able to understand nuance, slang and inference to perform their services properly.

Simultaneous translation has become a big business as more and more companies are reaching into global markets and holding receptions and conferences overseas.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a relatively new facet of private sector translation providers. In machine learning, a company specializes in the development of an algorithm that translates text messages on the internet. Google Translate is one example of machine learning, but many companies have developed much more sophisticated versions of the algorithms that suit many types of industries.

A company with a central customer service center located at their headquarters can serve customers around the world by the use of machine learning.

Localization Services

Localization services are services that help companies successfully expand into a new marketplace. They not only look at the products and services of a company, but also take into consideration the culture and dynamics of the new market, and apply those sensibilities into crafting a translation of the company’s message and product and services descriptions.

A company specializing in providing localization services will take into account the local culture, religion, language and politics to create a message that will provide appeal for your company in the eyes of your intended customers. This approach can save you lots of time and money when launching new products and services.

Rather than having to constantly re-define and tweak your company’s message, localization can provide the expertise that allows you to phrase your messages correctly from the outset.

Defining Your Company’s Needs

These three examples are just some of the services offered by private sector translation providers. By performing research into the translation industry, you’ll discover other areas of translation services that may be more suited for your application.

The general idea is to start your search in the region which your company is considering expanding. An ‘on-the-ground’ private sector translation provider will have a better idea of the needs and values of the local community and will be able to offer a better perspective of the marketplace. They will also provide a better and more accurate service that is geared towards the local community.

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