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White House advisor Anthony Fauci on keeping up with Covid-19 news

5.26.21 – Gary Bauer – Campaign for Working Families

[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  I have said it before, but I will say it once again. I have found no better source for up-to-date and easily understood explanations than those found in Gary Bauer’s Campaign for Working Families’ daily newsletters. He always knows what is “really” going on in D. C. politically (including behind the scenes) and in so many other areas of the world. His newsletters are free, but it is important to donate some sort of remuneration to help him keep his staff working and his newsletters flowing each day. In a world where so little media can be trusted, it is a breath of fresh air to read Gary’s newsletters and know that he has no personal agenda that benefits him personally but only seeks to present the public with insightful, fact-based content.

Below is an excerpt from the 5.26.21 daily newsletter.]


“Fire Fauci Now!”
by Gary Bauer

At a recent hearing, Senator Rand Paul confronted Dr. Anthony Fauci about whether the agency he leads ever funded “gain of function research” at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 
“Gain of function research” is the process of altering a virus to make it more contagious or deadly to humans. Fauci vehemently denied that he had approved such funding, saying, “That categorically was not done.”
But like most categorical statements Dr. Fauci has said, his previous comments weren’t so categorical. 
Testifying before a House committee yesterday, Fauci conceded that a grant was made to a third party knowing it would be passed on to the Wuhan lab.  Or as Dr. Fauci put it, the grant was just “a modest collaboration with very respectable Chinese scientists who were world experts on coronavirus.” 
Today, Fauci conceded even more, saying “There’s no way of guaranteeing” that the Chinese communists didn’t lie to him or mislead him.
Perjury is hard to prove, but Fauci is skating on thin ice.  His constant flip-flopping explains why his favorability ratings have swung 22 points to the negative in the past year, and why 65% of Americans say “political considerations” have influenced his decisions on COVID.


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