Five Ways on How to Prevent Back Pain in Bed

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One of the most irritating things to feel when in bed would be back pain. After all, your bed is supposed to be a place of sanctuary and comfort, not filled with pain and soreness! Fortunately, there are tons of ways you can prevent and relieve back pain when in bed.

But what exactly can you do? Read on as I show you the five best ways on how to prevent back pain in bed!

How to Prevent Back Pain in Bed

If you’ve been waking up feeling more pain than freshness, then here are the five effective ways to prevent and relieve it:

1.         Switch Sleeping Positions
Your sleeping position is usually the main culprit as to why you’re having back pain. There are some sleep positions which can put extra pressure around your body, which causes back pain.
It’s best to switch your sleeping position to the side while sleeping on your stomach won’t be able to provide the much-needed support your back needs.
However, if you can’t change positions, then you can use a pillow to help keep the support to prevent back pain.
Back sleepers should have a pillow under their knees. Stomach sleepers should have a pillow under their lower abdomen. Side sleepers can tuck a pillow between their knees.

2.         Try Using a New Mattress and/or Pillow
If you keep on waking up in the middle of the night or morning feeling a ton of back pain or neck strains, then your mattress or pillow might be the culprit! Studies show that back pain improves once they have switched to a new pillow and mattress, as not many know it’s time for a replacement.

It’s best to go for a medium-firm mattress, which offers enough comfort AND support for better spinal alignment. While very soft ones feel great at first, they don’t do well in keeping your back supported. Same goes for pillows! I recommend that you go for those made of latex and memory foam, which offer pressure-relieving properties to prevent back pain. Here is a shopping guide to help you choose the right mattress.

3.         Start Working Out
It’s recommended that you begin exercising not just for less back pain, but to also promote better health and sleep! With a stronger and flexible core, it reduces the risk of back strains and muscle spasms as you sleep.

I recommend that you not only go for cardio but exercises that work on both abs and back, such as planks or crunches. With about half an hour of exercise a day, the pain can lessen and you’ll be able to sleep soundly with stronger, healthier bones.

I also suggest that you start exercises like yoga or Pilates, which increase your flexibility and strength, also stretching out your back to lessen the tension.

4.         Look at Your Posture and Movements
Pay attention to how you posture yourself, whether you’re in bed or moving throughout the day. This will definitely help maintain better spinal alignment, which will then lessen the pain you feel when in bed or even in the mornings.
Keep your back straight when sitting down or walking and avoid slouching. Furthermore, observe the way you get in and out of your bed! Don’t go for sudden and jerky movements the moment you wake up, and avoid bending forward from your waist when getting out of bed, because it will strain your back!
To get in and out of the bed properly, roll over from your side, pushing yourself forward with your hands. Swing your legs over the bed’s side and stretch it out!

5.         Other Home Remedies
There are also other different home remedies you can try if you still continue feeling back pain when you’re about to sleep or wake up.
    •    Before you go to bed, you can try having a warm bath and follow a relaxing routine. This will help calm you down and hopefully lessen the risk of suffering from body pain.
    •    Have a massage when you can, which can lessen the knots around your back and free up the pain you feel when in bed.
    •    Keep a consistent sleep schedule and a healthier diet, which can lessen inflammation and back pain.
However, if back pain persists, it’s time to consult your doctor for further diagnosis and proper treatment.

Final Thoughts
You’ll be surprised that your bed can also be the reason as to why you suffer from back pain! However, that doesn’t mean you’ll need to put up with it forever. With the proper treatments and remedies, you can prevent it from happening again!

I hope that these five ways on how to prevent back pain in bed gave you an idea on how you can wake up feeling fresher and energetic. Try out any of these tips now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences when relieving back pain, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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