Flint water drowns out Detroit crisis

Feb 8, 2016 by

Tom Watkins – Where are investors for what will truly sustain Detroit’s comeback —quality education?

The educational mess in Detroit impacts us all.

The Michigan Legislature must put an end to the educational washout taking place in the City of Detroit. They need fix the city’s schools ending the teacher “sick out” by creating healthy environments for learning.

The state has a moral and constitutional responsibility to fix what it is partially responsible for breaking. Michigan took control of DPS, placing a series of “emergency managers” (the current one, Darnell Earley, is being “hunted down” by a congressional committee and is stepping down under pressure, tainted by the Flint water scandal) in charge which has proved to be an utter failure. DPS’ financial woes have neither been fixed nor provided even a minimal education to the majority of Detroit students.

The public schools in Detroit have been hallowed out over the years. Today there are not enough fingers on two hands to point to the various culprits responsible for the mess that exists. This is not to say there are not exceptional teachers, principals, classrooms and schools — there are many. Yet, for far too many of our children in public education (traditional, charter and EAA schools) these exist as small islands of excellence surrounded by a sea of despair.

Source: Tom Watkins: Flint water drowns out Detroit crisis

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