Florida Board Votes to Back Away From Common-Core Appendices

Oct 30, 2013 by

In another sign of increasing caution in Florida regarding the Common Core State Standards, the state board of education voted Oct. 15 not to adopt the suggestions regarding student writing and how to structure math classes contained in the standards’ appendices, as well as reading “exemplars” (suggestions) that acompany the standards. In short, none of the appendices attached to the common core won’t have Florida’s official support.

The board voted 5-1 vote against the appendices, Kathleen McGrory at the Miami Herald reported, although it’s important to point out that the decision does not specifically prohibit individual districts from using these resources. McGrory reported that the vote came at the request of Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican who announced last month that the state was withdrawing from a multistate consortium developing common-core-aligned tests and would seek out new assessments on its own, although as I’ve reported, technically the state has only reduced its role in the consortium, not left it altogether.

via Florida Board Votes to Back Away From Common-Core Appendices – Curriculum Matters – Education Week.

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