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1.31.19 – Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs Executive Order To Abolish Common Core — Fox 13 News

[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER: I appreciate Gov. DeSantis’ sensitivity to the concerned parents in Florida. However, what Floridians need to make sure is that he understands there are two different philosophies of education (i.e., Type #1 and Type #2).  The two philosophies cannot be mixed any more than oil and water can be mixed.

What Gov. DeSantis must do is to lead Florida to rewrite its present Type #2/Common Core curriculum standards by replacing them with Type #1 (i.e., traditional, fact-based, academic, grow in depth and complexity from one grade level/course level to the next, and are largely tested objectively with right-or-wrong answers).

Gov. DeSantis’s goal should be to get rid of Type #2/Common Core Standards and not to fall into the trap of simply rebranding Common Core Standards (as so many other states have done) with the state’s name (i.e., Florida). The Type #2/Common Core Standards with its indoctrination into the social justice agenda need to be completely replaced with Type #1 in order for Florida school students to be put on the right path.   

Here is the chart that defines both Type #1 vs. Type #2.  Common Core is Type #2:

11.4.13 — Type #1 vs. Type #2 Chart — http://www.educationviews.org/comparison-types-education-type-1-traditional-vs-type-2-cscope-common-core/

Gov. DeSantis should also work closely with Texas Comm. Mike Morath and the Texas Education Agency who are in the implantation stages of training Texas teachers on the new English / Language Arts / Reading curriculum standards (TEKS) which are largely Type #1. Here is an article that gives the details: 

“Tex. Comm. of Education Morath Leading the Way to Real Change” — By Donna Garner – EdViews.org


1.31.19 – Fox 13 News

“DeSantis signs executive order to abolish Common Core in Florida”

Excerpts from this article:

CAPE CORAL, Fla. (FOX 13) – Gov. Ron DeSantis said in a news conference Thursday he wanted to abolish the Common Core education program, which is part of the state education system’s Florida Standards.

DeSantis cited concerns from parents, he heard while campaigning to become governor, as the main reason for the decision. 

“When you complained about Common Core, I hear you,” the governor said. “I told you I would do something about it.”

DeSantis said he was looking forward to working with Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran to come up with a new set of standards, “which will include eliminating Common Core and the vestiges of Common Core.”

The governor’s executive order will require the commissioner to put together a plan to phase out the Common Core systems while adopting new standards that better serve students, teachers, and parents.

DeSantis also said he wanted testing to be streamlined testing so it could measure success, “but we’re not just teaching to a test.”

“And then, something that’s really, really important to me, identifying ways we can make civics education a priority in Florida,” DeSantis said…

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