Florida school resource officer slams unruly student to ground: ‘Don’t … give me your sh–!’

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An unruly female high school student was slammed to the ground by the Florida school’s resource officer on Tuesday after she repeatedly defied him.

Videos shared on social media showed the officer, later identified as Cpl. Richard Stackon of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, throwing a Sunlake High School teenager to the ground and handcuffing her as she resisted. She is heard saying that the officer is hurting her.


The videos sparked an internal investigation by the sheriff’s office.

On Wednesday, Sheriff Chris Nocco released footage of the incident captured on Stackon’s body camera, saying that his officer “did what he had to do” to de-escalate the situation.

According to Nocco, Stackon was called to the school’s cafeteria to respond to reports that a student who was skipping class was being disruptive.

In the 8-minute video, Stackon is seen approaching the unidentified student and calmly asking her what was going on.


The student can be heard saying: “Well, I just heard that I’m going to be handcuffed. I am just sitting here.”

Stackon is then heard asking the student several times to step outside to speak with him – she resisted each time, even sitting down in defiance.

“Now you are testing me. Come on outside and talk to me and I won’t have to lay a hand on you,” he is heard saying. “You are now disrupting everything that is going on.”

After some back-and-forth between Stackon and the teenager, she stands up and appears to cooperate, but then sits back down.

While asking others to leave, the teenager stands up, at which point Stackon grabs her by the arm and slams her onto the ground, quickly handcuffing her.

“Don’t f—- give me your s—,” he tells her. “The h— is going on with you guys? Is this what I have to do every f—- day now?”

In the video released by the sheriff’s office, the teenager can be heard telling Stackon that he was hurting her. Another unidentified adult off camera is heard telling Stackon that the teenager should be tested for drugs because “she is acting very strange.”

The video continued until they enter the school resource officer’s office.

Stackon was removed from the school Wednesday amid the investigation by the sheriff’s department, but is expected to return soon.

The student’s parents reportedly called the school after the incident, FOX 13 reported.

Nocco said sheriff’s deputies went to the student’s home to discuss the incident and the family declined to talk.

When asked about the profane language Stackon used while arresting the student, Nocco said the officer had no other choice.

“If teenagers and children in schools believe they have more authority than teachers, the principal, administrators and the school resource officers, we’re in a lot more trouble than we think we are,” he said. “He did what he had to do to defuse the situation.”

The student faces charges of campus disruption, obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. Her age was not released.

Source: Florida school resource officer slams unruly student to ground: ‘Don’t … give me your sh–!’ | Fox News

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