Flyer Tells Students: “Sexual Violence” Includes ‘Disrespecting’ Someone Verbally

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Calling someone a slut now a criminal offense?

A flyer being posted at colleges in Canada educates students that “sexual violence” now includes ‘disrespecting’ someone verbally and that this is a criminal offense.

The flyer, which is sponsored by the University of Victoria Students’ Society and the The Anti Violence Project, reads, “Prevent sexual violence. Get consent at every step.”

“Sexual violence can be understood to be any unwanted physical, verbal, emotional or spiritual act that’s carried out by sexual means or by targeting sexuality. It includes all forms of non-consensual sexual behaviour. Sexual violence is anything that disrespects your sexual being. Sexual violence is against the law.”

The vagueness of this language basically implies that calling a woman a “slut” on campus is an act of sexual violence.

Another flyer entitled, “How can you make consent sexy?” lists a number of questions that students are required to ask before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Advocacy groups at some colleges are also asking students to take a photo together before they have sex and sign a contract in the spirit of California’s controversial “Yes Means Yes” law.

The entire ‘college rape crisis’ narrative is based on the myth that one in five female students are victims of rape.

In reality, those statistics have been debunked over and over again. The actual figures show that young women on campus are less likely to be victims of rape than women in the general population.

The narrative has also been pushed via a number of high profile cases that almost always turn out to be misreported or completely contrived, including the UVA rape hoax and the ludicrous story of Emma Sulkowicz, better known as ‘Mattress Girl’.

Other colleges have also tried to impugn all male students as would-be rapists by classifying “whistles, kissing noises, heavy breathing, sly comments or stares” as “psychological rape”.

‘Rape by fraud’ activists have also tried to claim that men who lie about any aspect of their personal life, age, income or career before engaging in consensual sex with a woman should be punished via similar laws currently used against actual sexual predators.


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