Football coach suspends most of his team for poor personal conduct

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ROOSEVELT, Utah – A high school football coach in Utah is focused on teaching his team more than just the x’s and o’s of the game.

Labrum football coachUnion High School football coach Matt Labrum recently suspended nearly every player on the team for having character issues.

Labrum had grown frustrated with reports of his players skipping class, receiving poor grades and allegedly cyber-bullying a fellow student, reports CBS News.

Following their game on Friday night, Labrum decided to challenge his players in a way they never expected.

He instructed them to turn in all of their jerseys and equipment. The decision was made that the season would be over until they earned their way back on the team.

Labrum presented each player with a letter outlining his decision that read, “Gentleman, we are not pleased with how our football brothers are representing our family, school… and yourselves,” the story reports.

He also told his players that they must remember it is a privilege to play football.

In order for the players to be reinstated, they had to attend all practices, be on time, have no discipline problems, complete a community service project and memorize a quote about good character.

Labrum said in the news story, “I think the most important thing is that we build character.”

What makes this story even more noble is the fact that Labrum made his stand during homecoming week. We’re certain that many alumni want to see a good game, preferably with the home team winning. But the coach and players had more important issues to deal with this week, like learning the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Kudos to the school administrators, assistant coaches and parents who reportedly backed up the coach.

On Monday, the team cleaned and dug up weeds. On Tuesday they went to a senior center and played games and talked with the residents. Last night the team attended study halls and followed that up with team meetings.

During the meetings, Labrum announced that most of the players had earned their jerseys back, just on time for the homecoming game.

“It’s a wonderful thing to see young men take on a challenge,” Labrum was quoted as saying.

It’s also wonderful to hear about a high school coach who cares as much about character building as he does about winning and losing.

Hats off to Coach Labrum.

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