For homeschoolers– a list of curricula NOT following the Common Core Standards

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For you homeschoolers, Tina Hollenbeck has done excellent work in compiling a list of curriculum providers which are remaining independent from the Common Core State Standards. The purpose of the list is for parents’ information, not to pass any judgment upon one curriculum or another, and it is posted on the Educational Freedom Coalition website. See the list.

Those posting the list at this website are not making judgments…..but I will.

I recommend avoiding curricula which aligns with the Common Core State Standards; however, I also recommend evaluating any curricula carefully since they may be deficient for some other reason(s).

Homeschooling allows parents to shape their children’s learning opportunities to fit the child’s personality, style, and interests. The child is encouraged to be the best that he can be. Common Core State Standards, on the other hand, were created by……hm?  There was no input from parents or frontline classroom teachers. Their information shows that the standards were created by the National Governors’ Association Center for Best Practices, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and Achieve, Inc. –private, bureaucratic groups–behind closed doors. They are one-size-fits-every-child-in-the-country standards, a far cry from the homeschool concept of personalizing learning to fit the child.

The Common Core State Standards, even though they have been adopted by more than forty states,  are untried and untested.

Most of the curricula on the Educational Freedom Coalition  website are tried and true curricula used for years, and it is worth sticking with them.

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