For the children peace, not war

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The world has reached an extraordinary development level at present; today´s technologies exist that 50 years ago they were perhaps unthinkable. We say to be civilized. However, it is a sad knowledge how tens thousands of children change the happiness into a rifle, turning this way into mercenaries.

What civility is there in this? None. These small soldiers constitute – without fear of being wrong – one of the darkest faces of the wars, many of them do not fight to defend an ideal or to protect his country, simply they fight for money, while others are forced to kill.

The topic is not new. Along the History, and in many cultures, there have been children involved in the war, an example of it was the Fourth Crusade, in 1212, where thousands of children were recruited without training like soldiers, with the argument that the divine power would allow them to conquer the enemy.

According to information of the Spanish place Alpha and Omega, at present there exist nearly 300 thousand infants who take part in warlike conflicts in the whole world, for such a motive, ask to several countries them to sign and to fulfill the application of the Protocol of the Convention of Geneva, regarding this matter.

But: why the children? Once trained, they are pieces that easily can be replaced; also, they do any task that they assign to them, although this one means to put in risk its own life or to murder a partner.

The reintegration of these children to the society is quite complex. Many have been violated or drugged, and they are afraid of not being accepted in the communities where they were living. Others, simply, do not manage to get over to the psychological disorders that they suffer.

Fortunately, in Cuba, the children it possesses a special protection, they have opportunities and services so that it could develop physically, mentally, morally, spiritually and socially in healthy and normal form, so that they have in his life happiness and not death.

In accordance with a report of the World Bank: “no Latin-American school system, except for Cuba it has world parameters”.

The document highlights, also, that in our Island the education has been a priority topic from 1959 and is provided with an efficient institutional system, including teachers of high level. “Cuba does not have anything that to envy to the most developed nations. Cuba is, also, the country of the planet that dedicates the part most risen up to the education, with 13 % of the state budget”.

Our small princes have also right to health, the practice of sports, exhibit the privilege of gaining access to a healthy recreation, live in a country where there are spaces for all, without importing race, religion or social and economic status. And they do it with the conviction of going along a sure way towards the future, and keeping on constructing the big work of the Revolution.

Source: For the children peace, not war

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