Forget Immigration and Gun Control

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The Senate Judiciary Committee was scheduled to hold a hearing on immigration reform on Wednesday. The hearing was scheduled the day after a massive bill to reform immigration is set to be unveiled. This sparked concerns that Senators wouldn’t have the time to digest the consequences of the legislation in time for the only scheduled hearing on the topic. Today, however, the Committee announced it was postponing the hearing until Friday.

Sources have told Breitbart News that FL Sen. Marco Rubio had pushed to postpone the hearing. Sen. Rubio is also pushing the Judiciary Committee, as well as other committees, to hold additional hearings on the issue.

The almost two-day delay is helpful, but still provides a very narrow window to analyze the massive bill. Some reports have suggested that the legislation will be well-over 1,000 pages. Even if Senators are able to read the legislation, its full consequences won’t be known without a detailed knowledge of the nation’s current immigration law.

In 1986, the last time Congress passed an immigration amnesty, the Senate bill to do so was introduced 18 months before it was enacted. That Senate bill, also, was the result of a commission that made the recommendations. In other words, the public was engaged in an almost 2 year debate on the immigration issue.

Apparently, Congress doesn’t work that way anymore.

via Senate Pushes Back Immigration Hearing.

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