Forrest Walker Conner – How college is shaping his path to business

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Nashville native Forrest Walker Conner is currently navigating his way through his undergraduate degree at the University of the South, Sewanee. His experiences leading up until now have shaped his college career. And further, his college career is shaping his current and future experiences, including a paid internship on Capitol Hill that he is fulfilling as he enters his junior year.

Forrest Walker Conner’s path to college

Forrest Walker Conner is working towards a career as a businessman, but he wasn’t always tuned into this specific career goal.

His upbringing involved an education at the Montgomery Bell Academy (a Nashville preparatory boy’s day school). During that time, he had the chance to see how other parts of the world lived via study abroad opportunities and exchange experiences. He first got to see how other people lived when he visited Lithuania in the 8th grade, learning about life in the Baltic countries during World War II.

He notes that this experience was “life-changing,” as they taught him about concepts of freedom and sacrifice. Namely, he learned that these experiences don’t come so easily to everyone. And following this experience, he got to meet new people and form new relationships with exchange students that his family hosted from Germany and Lithuania.

Further, getting to take part in one more study abroad journey to Australia before he entered college, Conner became specifically interested in unique experiences around the world. The way these countries touched his own life inspired a desire to learn more about close-knit relationships. And it’s these very relationships that he now finds himself forming in Sewanee.

Conner’s college experience

And now that he has settled into the gorgeous, rural Tennessee campus and started paving his own way, Conner is making big moves towards that businessman’s life. Aside from the rich experiences he gets to take part in as an undergrad, Forrest Walker Conner is aware of the fact that he needs to make his time count at Sewanee.

There are many paths to choose from at today’s American undergraduate schools (38 currently offered at Sewanee). However, Forrest Walker Conner is pretty confident in his choice to major in economics with a minor in business.

His combination of these studies is propelling him towards a career in business, as he supplements his time taking part in the Fund for American Studies public policy and economics program in Washington, D.C.

It’s this integration of public policy study that really interests Conner, as he believes that this field of study is essential in business studies.

The importance of choosing a college major

Importantly, Forrest Conner has found in his recent time at college that choosing a major proves to be an integral choice for his future. Over the past few years, he notes that he has felt some added pressure in making this particular decision.

As uncertain as the future can be, he notes that his choice in an economics major/business minor right now will shape what is to come on his horizons.

While it can be difficult to choose a college major in the short time you are exploring your degree options, this decision is worth putting some thought into. The initial investment of a college degree can be costly (upwards of tens of thousands of dollars), so you want to make sure your choices have some meaning.

The right college major can put you onto a path towards the graduate degree you need or even a relevant entry-level job that won’t hire non-degree candidates.

How Forrest Walker Conner’s choices are leading him towards his goals

Conner has implemented some direction into his college career and the years that follow. And now, he is nearing his goal of joining the business world.

He is keen on his current real-world learning experiences in D.C. There, he gets to learn about the ways that government policies affect different business environments.

Forrest Walker Conner’s ideas on success and his younger self

While Forrest Walker finds himself making the most of his opportunities now, he still wishes he could say a few things to his younger self. With a desire to be a role model to his past self, a “big brother,” so to speak, he would want his younger self to know that you can be brave and confident in the face of life’s challenges.

Forrest Walker Conner is at a place in life where he can enjoy new opportunities and relationships with mentors and friends. But in order to get to this place, he had to face scary situations until they began to feel less scary over time, little by little.

It’s wise advice for all of us navigating the harsh realities of life after secondary school, and even so for those entering the real world after college.

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