A fortune for iPads, but not enough for math books

Oct 17, 2014 by

Something was missing last week from a seventh-grade math class at Palms Middle School in West Los Angeles.

It wasn’t the students; they were at their desks.

It wasn’t teacher Bruce Kravets; he was eager to dive in, as he has been for 45 years.

But there were no textbooks.

With the conversion to Common Core standards, L.A. Unified purchased new math books for eighth grade, but not for sixth or seventh. The reason was lack of funding.

“We’re left to fend for ourselves,” said Kravets, who, like other math teachers has scoured the Internet for materials and made copies for students.

“We’re chained to the copy machines,” said Larry Rubin, another Palms Middle School math teacher. Rubin said he spends more than an hour on lesson plans in the evening and as much as 45 minutes at the copy machine the next day.

via A fortune for iPads, but not enough for math books – LA Times.

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