Four Ways to Prepare Kids for College

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You never thought the day would come when your child would walk leave you. After years of your guidance and support, your children eventually leave for college. Although you can never fully prepare yourself for when they leave, you can prepare them for college. These tips can help you prepare them for their big day.

  1. Guide Them in Their Future Plans

One of the biggest difficulties about going to college is planning a future. Most 18 year-olds don’t know what they want to do in four years. However, your guidance can help them make the right decision. Talk about possible career options and discuss how education can help them accomplish that.

As you discuss career options, look into the requirements for potential careers. Although one career might only require a Bachelor’s Degree, another could require a PhD.

2. Prepare Them Financially

Another challenge that comes with going to college is the financial responsibility. Even if your child gets a full scholarship to a school, she needs to know how to manage her finances. With meals, parties, and travel expenses, college can be expensive.

To prepare your child for the responsibility, get them a credit card. Typically, you can co-sign for them even if they don’t have any prior credit.

Once they get a credit card, place all the responsibility on their shoulders. Put your kids in charge of making the monthly payments. If they miss a payment, it’s on their shoulders. This prepares them for handling the financial challenges of living away from home. It also prepares them to turn down the hundreds of credit offers that come into the hands of young students.

3. Teach Them Academic Independence

When your child lives at home, you can supervise everything. You might constantly remind your son to do his homework. Or, you might remind your daughter to study for a big exam.

In college, your children won’t have that supervision. They need to be studious on their own, without your constant reminders.

If you want to prepare them for this, give your kids a little independence. Tell them that you won’t intervene in their studies for a full week. However, you should also tell them that they need to keep their grades up for that week. If they succeed, they can be independent and they will thrive in college.

4.  Encourage Chores

When your child goes away to college, he will need to have some life skills. For example, he needs to know how to do his laundry and do some basic cooking.

You can encourage this life skills by encouraging chores. Offer rewards for your child to take over some household chores. Before he gets started, you should take the time to teach him the right way to do things. Although basic cleaning techniques might seem obvious to you, your teen might not understand them.

If your child has some basic life skills, he will have an easier time handling college. By being able to keep his room clean and do his laundry, your child will be able to enjoy his time away. He also might not come home with a pile of dirty clothes for you every weekend.

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