Freed Millennials: Young Australians Breaking Away From Traditional Jobs

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Australia’s millennials are definitely changing the way things are done in the job sector. There was a time when grown ups were supposed to find a career, get a job, and stick to that job for life, but millennials are changing the formula by opting out of the cycle. Many of these young Australians are becoming freelancers. Now, it is important to realize that being a successful freelancer does require skills and some calculated moves.

The Draw of the Freelancer Life

Millennials love freedom, which is one of the main reasons many are flocking to the lifestyle of the freelancer.

It is no secret that this young generation of potential workers do not care much about company loyalty. The idea of staying in a place just because the company took a chance on the young employee usually does not stop this person from quitting. This is one reason many employers are having trouble with employee retention in Australia.

This young workforce just does not want to be tied down to a particular job but would rather set their own hours. Part of the reason this is possible is because of this new digital age, which allows freelancers to find work wherever they may be. Some millennials have actually begun to take steps to use that freedom even more by becoming digital nomads.

A digital nomad is a person who does not live in a particular address but rather flops from location to location using temporary houses or even vans. This is only possible because their apps or digital connections allow these young people to find work wherever they go.

There is no doubt that this lifestyle does seem to have perks that a stationary job may not afford an individual.

Skills Worth Sharpening to Live as a Freelancer

Okay, it is important to pay attention to the kinds of freelance jobs out there. Some of the gigs available are relatively simple, like helping someone move, which does not require much skill.

A millennial trying to live off of his or her work as an independent contractor may want to consider expanding beyond menial work. The following are a few examples of the types of careers that are seeing aggressive growth within this industry:

Digital Marketers

Digital marketing is an industry that relies heavily on freelancers. A lot of job titles come along with this industry like digital advertise campaign creators to project managers. It is important that millennials who want to make a good amount of money brush up their digital skills or take a few classes that focus on these types of jobs since they are very popular.

Genuine Care

Most people would probably not believe that nurses can become successful independent contractors, but that is happening. More and more people are in need of professional nursing help. Some need people to help them with physical therapy while others just need help with proper administration of medicine.

The need for nurses with these types of skills is growing, making it vital that young Australians consider taking a few Allied Health courses to be a viable candidate in this industry. Freelance nurses are using apps or online platforms to communicate with large or small hospitals and individuals who need care directly. Most temporary nursing jobs used to be handled through temp agencies, but that is slowly changing thanks to technology.

Human Resource

More and more companies are starting to see the importance of consulting with an HR or a Human Resource specialist when it comes to dealing with issues in their businesses. These individuals are trained to evaluate problems between employees or problems with production. HR representatives are also adept at hiring individuals who are more likely to stay in a company.

The thing that young Australians need to remember is that the HR consultant is normally not part of the organization. This person is hired on a temporary basis, and it is now easier than ever to be that HR representative.

There is no doubt that the gig economy is growing because of millennials. These young Australians are creating changes to the economy to match the kinds of things they want to do like travel and work from home. Again, this group continues to show inventiveness and, most of all, motivation.

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