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Ranking the need for 50 types of specialists, largely in the IT sector, the index helps potential freelancers evaluate lucrative fields to determine how best to maximize their talents

SOFIA, Bulgaria – August 01, 2019 – As part of their commitment to providing potential and existing freelancers with the tools they need to succeed, has released their July 2019 Index of Demand for Freelance Services.  Calculated based on the most requested positions for more than 100,000 freelancers around the world, this first-ever index ranks the demand for 50 types of specialists, primarily in the IT sector. 

“This index will help young people select their college majors as well as those currently employed who are thinking about going out on their own,” explained Ilian Petrov, CEO of  “By getting a clear idea of which skillsets are being sought after on the internet, prospective freelancers may either validate their area of expertise or decide to hone their talents to explore a new field of interest.”

Significant findings include the ongoing need for talented individuals to create and launch company websites, as evinced by the first four titles in the index related to website building and development.  In the digital marketing category, “article writing” is the most highly ranked service, indicating that businesses around the world count on well-crafted, strategic content to get free targeted traffic from search engines.

Since all titles in the table are defined by those seeking freelance support, some redundancies may be noted.  For example, “mobile app developer” and “iOS developer” both appear, although they essentially reflect the same job.

Here are the 20 most sought-after freelance positions for July 2019. The entire list can be found at


1 Web designer 6.11%
2 Web developer 5.78%
3 Article writer 5.19%
4 WordPress developer 5.04%
5 Android developer 4.59%
6 Graphic designer 4.31%
7 Social marketing specialist 4.09%
8 Email marketing specialist 3.69%
9 Content manager 3.61%
10 iOS developer 3.59%
11 Mobile App developer 3.2%
12 SEO specialist 3.06%
13 PHP developer 3.03%
14 Facebook marketing specialist 3.01%
15 HTML developer 2.74%
16 Instagram marketing specialist 2.74%
17 Video editor 2.41%
18 Translator 2.4%
19 Virtual assistant 2.32%
20 Python developer 2%

Launched in June 2019 as a part of Net It, offers a comprehensive range of freelance-centric training programs.  Included are a series of free webinars for subscribers that provide the latest information, tips and strategies, with topics ranging from “Creative Writing for Freelancers” and “Tools to Grow your Freelance Skills” to “How to Search for Clients” and “A Freelancer’s Guide to Taxes.”

“Our mission is to build a trusted community where both new and existing freelancers can gain the necessary knowledge to navigate this highly competitive, rewarding and lucrative arena,” added Petrov. “Our trained professionals and practice-oriented webinars guide them in strategically organizing their freelance activities to build their client bases and successfully grow their businesses.”

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