French President Moves to Ban Homeschooling

Oct 8, 2020 by

by Alex Newman – Following in the footsteps of National Socialist (Nazi) mass murderer Adolf Hitler, French President Emmanuel Macron is moving to ban homeschooling and independent private schools across France. All children must be handed over to government by age 3 starting next year. The goal is to “protect our children” from religion, he declared.The globalist French leader’s attack on educational liberty, which follows a similar ban approved in Sweden almost a decade ago, is being marketed under the guise of battling Islamic extremism in France. Indeed, after allowing millions of Muslims into the country, they are now serving as an excuse for authorities to infringe on the individual rights of everyone.

But the goal is much broader than just preventing Muslim parents from teaching Islam to their children. In fact, in his speech announcing the move against home education and independent, private schools, Macron made clear that the real objective is to “protect” children from any and all religion other than the secular worldview promoted by the increasingly abusive state.

“School is the republican melting pot. It’s what makes it possible for us to protect our children in a complete way from any religious sign, from religion,” Macron said. “It is truly the heart of the space of secularism, and it is this place where we form consciences so that children become free, rational citizens, able to choose their own lives. The school is therefore our collective treasure.”

Macron, a deeply unpopular globalist, acknowledged that the decision to criminalize parents who refuse to subject their children to government indoctrination was “radical.” Indeed, he said it was among the most radical laws of the last 150 years. However, he said government control over the education of all children was “vital.”

Under the plan, which is expected to pass easily through the National Assembly controlled by Macron’s party, government “education” will become mandatory at age 3 for all children. Homeschooling will be prohibited except when health conditions make it impossible for the child to attend a government-controlled school. All “private” schools, including those that do not take government money, will come under government control.

“The Republic was built around the school, which trains more than individuals; it raises citizens, it shapes free minds,” he claimed without a hint of irony in his voice. “That is why I am convinced that the Republic will resist, through schools, those who want to fight or divide it, and it is through schools that we will allow all our children to access knowledge, culture, and republican civic-mindedness, and thus to fully become men and women citizens.”

As The Newman Report has documented extensively, the totalitarian move against educational liberty is hardly limited to bloated European welfare states and brutal communist dictatorships. In fact, right this moment, would-be tyrants right here in America from Harvard University and other far-left “Ivy League” institutions are plotting similar attacks on the God-given rights of American parents.

A conference this summer at Harvard to kick off the push was cancelled. But with the number of homeschool families in America doubling from 5 percent to 10 percent just since the coronavirus pandemic began, educational totalitarians are getting very nervous. And they will stop at nothing to ensure that government is able to indoctrinate, sexualize, and dumb down every last child.

The God-given right of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their own children is among the most precious and important human rights that exists. The dangerous effort to trample on those rights, which has been a hallmark of dictatorships everywhere, must be ferociously resisted. The coming war on educational freedom is about more than schooling — it is about who will be in charge of raising children, parents or the state. The stakes could not be higher.

Source: French President Moves to Ban Homeschooling | FreedomProject

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