French students continue protests against education reform

May 10, 2018 by

Universities were blocked and students marched in Paris on Tuesday

French students hit the streets of Paris on Tuesday to protest President Emmanuel Macron’s plan for education reform.

Several universities across the country were blocked as students joined rail workers in rejecting the wave of social reforms proposed by Macron’s government.

Amongst the most debated issues of Macron’s education plan are the revamping of the end of high school Bacalaureat exam and access to higher education.

“The reform introduced the fact that the criteria used to select students is going to be based on the marks of their last years of high school, on their motivation and teacher’s opinions, and not at all on the baccalaureat,” explained David Garibay, Professor of Political Science at Lyon 2 Unversity.


Source: French students continue protests against education reform | Euronews

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