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Fresh from the Propaganda Ministry of Homeschooling Nation:

In a massive wave of dissatisfaction, parents in record numbers are rescuing their children from public schools and reclaiming familial ownership through nurturing re-education at home sweet home. 

Citing Department of Education statistics showing that since October, almost 11,000 kids have been unsubscribed from the public school rolls in order to be home-schooled, representing a 31% uptick from last year, the Post heavily hints that widespread disgust and disillusionment is driving parents to make the switch and that this amounts to a a no-confidence vote in the system and perhaps even a repudiation of the concept of government-controlled education.

Actually it is not a rebellion at all.  It is a defensive action against the logistical hardships triggered by the pandemic.

The general public overwhelmingly endorses the oversight of government over its mandated policies of inclusion, assessment equity, even-handed disciplinary practices, standards implementation and color-blind access to quality education.

In normal times, an exodus from the public schools might be symptomatic of alienation. But in this Year of Aberrations, such a conclusion is baseless.
Parents are reluctantly choosing to educate their kids at home for sound pragmatic reasons that do not suggest that they believe that public schools are a failure and need to be reinvented, but rather are driven by the pandemic-induced logistical nightmare of structure of essential tasks.

Having given it their best shot, they can no longer meet the exasperating demands of having their lives upended on an almost daily basis. 

Even with a superabundance of patience and adaptability, that cannot around-the-clock await the latest e-mail blast so they can readjusting their calendars, rearrange their commitments and and re-calibrate their energies to adjust to the latest ad hoc configuration.

They need a respite from wondering how many days of school will there be this week and next, which days will they be, will schools be closed all together and will enough notice be given.

They are also bedeviled by unreliable technical devices, capricious apps, scheduling conflicts and overlapping Zoom sessions for siblings.
Parents who started homeschooling their kids during the pandemic are generally not attracted to or fooled by the broader homeschooling movement, who tend to share a politically-charged,  extreme ideology- tainted anathema to formal schooling, especially public schools.
The New York Post would have us believe otherwise.  They are not alone in seeking to capitalize on the present crisis and parlay the desperation of frazzled option-bereft parents into an injection of fresh blood into the homeschooling counter-culture.

In rare and freakish situations, some organizational advocates of homeschooling can serve the public good, however. 

The Post cites the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, which successfully sued the City on behalf of a parent who, after giving proper and timely notification to the DOE of her decision to revert to homeschooling for her child, was harassed by the  Administration for Children’s Services (ACS)  for possible educational neglect because her child had been absent from school for an extended period and the DOE  had not done its job of duly recording the lawful reason.

The Post has a nasty habit of either doubling down on a single anti-public school story or else in the same issue piggy-banking such a deceitful investigative report with a second specimen with a similar disposition. 

Since last Sunday’s homeschooling story couldn’t do the trick of turning thoughtful readers against the public schools, they featured a companion piece in which they detailed “plummeting” public school registration and soaring defections to Catholic and charter schools.

Their archive morgue is filled with gazillions of public school-busting stories.  It’s time to bury them.

Ron Isaac

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