New front in ‘trans’ battle: college dorms

Jun 22, 2016 by

One cultural commentator says President Obama’s controversial directive regarding transgender rights is making “guinea pigs” of America’s college students.

Reuters reports that America’s 2,100 residential colleges and universities are “scrambling” to conform to the Obama administration’s recently released guidelines for schools to follow concerning transgender student rights. The article quotes one expert who says the push to provide transgender housing has forced schools to now ask “How can we?” – whereas a decade ago they were asking “Should we?”

“It seems that there’s no limit to what the Left will do to implement its sexual-anarchy agenda,” says Linda Harvey, president of Mission: America. “And of course they are using our children as guinea pigs, both before college and during college.”

Reuters also reports few students are taking advantage of “gender-inclusive” housing. Harvey tells OneNewsNow that’s no surprise.

“When you get down to the level of what happens in your dorm room, the vast majority of kids want privacy [and] safety – and they want to be able to study, they want to be able to have their friends there,” she offers. “They do not want to have a constantly uncomfortable and privacy-threatening situation.”

College officials interviewed by the news agency emphasized they have no plans to phase out traditional gender-segregated housing.


Source: New front in ‘trans’ battle: college dorms

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