Fun Things to do in New York

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You chose to live in New York City for its hustle and bustle liveliness, but its unique character is also what attracts tourists. Tourists flock to New York City to see all the sites, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the 9/11 Memorial Museum to the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. NYC is inundated with historic and cool attractions. As a local, you love museums and cultural hangouts, too, but wouldn’t you like to skip the crowds? Once you have seen all the main attractions, you will have time to explore lesser-known museums and sites. It is the hiddens gems that really give NYC its character.

Educational NYC

Without all the immigration into New York City, it would not be as culturally diverse as it is today. The Tenement Museum is a great place to go to understand the melting pot that is NYC. The museum is an intimate portrait of the lives of the immigrants who moved to the city in the 19th and 20th centuries and the areas they occupied. The museum even offers a walking tour of the Lower East Side. To complement the theme of New York’s diversity, the National Museum of the American Indian is another museum secret that you should add to your list. Be sure to catch the dome ceiling mural of early pioneers. It wouldn’t be New York without the American gangster, so of course there is the Museum of the American Gangster that is housed in a real speakeasy in the Lower East Side. There is no other museum that is dedicated to organized crime in America. A couple more attractions that are off-the-beaten path are The Frick Collection with its Old Master art paintings or the Trinity Church for a worship service or just a peep inside at its architecture.

Recreational NYC

When we think about New York City, we think concrete and buildings, but NYC has myriad outdoor attractions to choose from. Of course, get tickets to a Yankees game, but check out some hidden spots to find peace and quiet away from tourists and the business center. Whatever your recreation of choice, whether is it a walk in the park or enjoying a few vintage selections at a wine bar, culture is rich in NYC and so much awaits your exploration. Ever heard of Stone Street? This is New York’s oldest cobblestone street that is pedestrian only and now lined with revived restaurants and bars. If you’re a smoker, try making the switch to e-cigs and perhaps seek out a vape sale. Those around you will be much more receptive to the smell of watermelon than tar and nicotine. Another revitalized area was South Street Seaport, which was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and rebuilt with farmer’s markets and restaurants like El Luchador and Keg 229. Battery Park is another beautiful part of NYC that is often overlooked. You will be impressed with the expansive gardens, promenades, and monuments. A stroll along the waterfront will make you feel far away from the city, while only being a short distance from home.

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