Funding Catholic schools adequately won’t deprive public schools

Sep 23, 2018 by

People calling for lower non-government school funding seem unaware that Thursday’s announcement was based on a key recommendation of the Gonski report.

School funding is a complex issue that generates heated debate because it is largely misunderstood. So I’ll keep this simple.

Most people are unaware that the average cost of a school education in Australia, based on spending in government schools (calculated by us using MySchool data), is about $13,000 per student per year.

This would be a huge cost for parents to cover on their own, especially if they have two or more children.

So state and Federal governments jointly help all school sectors to some degree — independent, Catholic and government.

Governments fund the total cost for all students in all government schools.

It doesn’t matter if the students are from rich or poor families — whether you live in Mosman or Mt Druitt, if you send your child to a government school, the total cost is funded by taxpayers.

As it should be.

Change will not affect public school funding

That’s not the case with non-government schools.

All non-government schools (except some highly disadvantaged schools) have their government funding reduced according to a means test of the school’s parents.

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